Stanley Durbin

( Stan ) was born and raised in Parkside in N.E. Washington D.C. At the age of twelve he discoverd his voice and true calling to be in music. Stanley is a vocalist/producer that has worked with many local talents, starting with Lionel & Leslie Green ( BG Records ), William Sumler ( Gaadir ) of the Fathers Children, Paul Minor, Al Johnson, and Mr. Earl Carter along with his partner Josh Stephenson.

Like most of the local talent, Stanley met Charles Simpson in Woodson Jr. High and then formed another group, at Eastern High, which later included Glen E. Ford, Michelle Macdonaldson, and Darryl Ferguson, "we used to hang around the lowe's palace and met Wilbur Hart of the Delfonics and he gave us the name The Black Connection", the others went on to do other things but Stan tried to stay in his true calling music.

Stanley say's,

truly I say to you, seek peace, seek love, because Jah is love. Be like the sun and shine, peace.