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David Das

Hi Honestman!

I was browsing through the Grammy site and came across your profile which led me to your site — nice to meet you. Looks like you’ve got some great stuff going on! I’m putting together my voting list and listening to numerous submissions and there is some amazing music going round this year, despite the massive changes we’re seeing in the industry.

I’m a composer, producer, and songwriter based in LA. This year I’ve got a song I’m *really* excited about — a song I co-wrote and produced with legendary singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata called DISAPPEAR. We wrote it for the thriller film THE APPEARING. I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve written in recent years, and it was an honor to work with Rachael on it. It’s moody, ambient, and evocative.

DISAPPEAR will be on the ballot for the upcoming awards for Best Song Written for Visual Media, and like everyone else (haha) I’d love to share it with you. Would you be willing to take a listen to it? Grab the MP3 here ( or the lossless FLAC file here (

I’d love to hear your work if you’ve got anything you’re particularly proud of this year, or that you’re submitting for nomination. I’m always happy to meet and connect with fellow creatives.


Jen Mann


Honest FM looks like a great app!

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And please let me know if you have any questions about getting app reviews and more installs for Honest FM.



Jen (
(608) 492-1872


Gary Lee from securenet ask that I reach out to you.

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Haywood D Fox


Janelle Rhoads

Ronnie Rhoads, Session guitarist

Joseph C. Durbin

Stanley, you are on the move. Do you perform live showes

Ben Gassaway

Dear Honestman Records,

My name is Ben Gassaway, and I am the guitarist and vocalist in my band Something Started. We are a four piece band that plays alternative/rock music. We're based out of the Cherry Hill area in NJ. We are very interested in being a part of your label, and I was wondering how I might be able to do that. If you are interested, we can send you a press package with our EP, a biography, and anything else you might want. Get back to me whenever you have a chance, thank you very much.


Ben Gassaway


Hello ,

This is Dj Lewis parle à Dj Arafat musical group from France Toulouse . Just now we go through your website and willing to make recording in your studio as from July 10th to 20th. 2013 .

Possible , we are mixing and A mastering in your studio . We also willing to make recording for 8 hours daily . In your next mail , do give total quote for the mention period and give us list a and type of the instrument available . Eg , Keyboard , guitar , drums.

Waiting for your response ,
51 Chemin Francisco de Goya
05 60 18 15 11
Dj, Lewis

barbara d

hi like your music

Chris Murphy

Hi Stanley -
I saw your paragraph in the latest WAMA news and thought I would contact you. I am a recording engineer with over 30 years of experience, and have been using Nuendo and Cubase since 2002. I have a mobile recording system that I often use in private homes, and also work on personal recording systems that belong to the artist. I can supplement
almost anyone\'s system with my extensive collection of excellent microphones and pre-amps.
For engineering I charge $45 / hour.
If you are interested in talking to me about your project, I suggest we meet at your place so I can get a feel of what your system and recording space are about. There is no charge for meetings like this. For logistics, I live in Annandale in Northern Virginia.
There is a lot more info about myself, gear, and clients on my web site
Happy New Year and looking forward to hearing from you.

- Chris Murphy
RHL Audio

Alan Kelly

I came to your site at and right away, found tasteful and smart the way the sound stayed on (with Off option) through my browsing.

I learned of Honestman from a comment left here by one of your visitors.

My work, if it'd help you, if getting voice into print, interviews, memoirs, histories, video or audio.

More's at

Thanks. Happy Solstice Day.

Alan, owner/operator
Verbatim Instant Transcripts
(serving before AOL's rise and fall)

Ray Pirc

I was checking out your site and was wondering where you get your CDs duplicated/replicated at. I’m working at Gold Link Media, a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray duplication/replication company located in Boise, Idaho. Can I send you any samples or pricing to help you consider using us for your duplication/replication?

We print our discs using a digital thermal XHD printing process that prints up to 600x600dpi on the disc face itself, by far the highest quality available. We also do all of our printing and packaging in house to cut down on cost and turnaround time for you.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information feel free to email me or call anytime.

Thanks ,

Felicia Clipper

I like your new relaese!!

James & Sandra Berry

Hey, this is really nice.


love the site

jauan grandson

hi popop I seen my picture love you jauan aka your grandson

Tamika Durbin

I like the site.

Looking good!!!!

Love you.